The Colgate University Live Music Collective is is a network of faculty, staff, and students who are committed to bringing live music to Colgate University and the surrounding community.

Check out these legendary concerts at Colgate University.

Interested? Join us by emailing livemusiccollective@colgate.edu or reaching out directly to Jeff Bary or Joshua Finnell.

Collective Members (current and past)

  • Jacob Steinberg ’24
  • Thao Mai ’25 
  • Max Gardinier ’24 
  • Amanda Fuchs ’23 
  • Nina Hallberg ‘ 25
  • Eloise Nelson ’25
  • Phoebe Metzger-Levitt ’23
  • Drew Tompkins ’23
  • Sam Fleming ’24
  • Jack Mullen ’26
  • Shloka Subramaniam ’25
  • Cassandra Bielmeier ’22
  • Colin Jones ’22 
  • Joshua Finnell, Associate Professor in the Libraries
  • Jeff Bary, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
  • Ana Jimenez, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Ben Child, Associate Professor of English
  • Cory Duclos, Director of the Keck Center for Language Study
  • Dionne Bailey, Assistant Professor of History
  • Brenda Sanya, Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
  • Mark Shiner, Associate University Chaplain
  • Jeremy Johnston, Audio Engineer